Easily Encrypt Folders

Ecryptfs is a tool that can be used to encrypt folders, unlike other encryption methods this doesn’t require a file of a fixed size, so you can use the decrypted folder in the same way as a regular folder without worrying about space. This tutorial will explain how you can use a plugin as a […]

Sandboxed development with LXC

This tutorial allows you to easily run commands through an LXC container. When hacking on various applications it is often a requirement to install various dependencies and make other changes to your system to run these programs. I have found this often ends up creating an unstable system, and over time things start breaking. By […]

Encrypt Firefox data

This is a little extension to my previous post on encrypting folders. Using the same tools previously created, we will make it easy to store Firefox’s data encrypted, to be automatically decrypted when you run Firefox. This technique should be easily used for other web browsers as well.

Once setup, it will be no more hassle to use than running Firefox normally.