SGC 0.1.7 beta release

This will be one of the last beta releases leading up to the 0.2 stable release.

This release adds an EventSlot object in locals, which allows a more dynamic addition and removal of callback functions. We also have a new DialogSaveQuit widget, which is a convenience widget to ask the user if they want to save their work when quitting. Also added is basic relative positioning support, by passing in a string (like “30%”) into the pos or size arguments in place of an integer, it will use the relative size; this makes it easier to support differing screen resolutions in your game.

Also added, are some assert statements which help you fail early and with a more meaningful error.

And finally, the transparency problem that has been plaguing me since I started this project has finally been fixed. Thanks so much to Radomir Dopieralski for helping me with that.

You can download the source code from the usual location, while documentation is available at or a Devhelp version can be downloaded from the Launchpad page.

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