Pygame GUI 0.2

Finally, the first stable release is available to download.

This project provides a simple to use GUI toolkit that can be easily dropped into an existing game project. It will run with no code differences in either normal Pygame or Pygame+OpenGL.

You can download the source code from, while documentation is available at or a Devhelp version can be downloaded from the Launchpad page.

Looking to the future

For the future 0.4 series, I will focus on optimisations and creating a more dynamic positioning/sizing system. Dynamic positioning/sizing will allow for a more usable interface regardless of the resolution the user runs the game at, and will allow the game to work well when the window is resized.

There will also likely be additional releases in the 0.2 series with new features and additional widgets being added.

2 thoughts on “Pygame GUI 0.2

  1. Excellent, this library is exactly what I was looking for. The custom widgets and ability to scroll through buttons is just what I was needing to make my level editor. Just as important, it is written in pure python, and is small so I can distribute it along with my level editor. Keep up the great work.

  2. The goal of this gui is to be extremely easy to use, and setup especially, and to be quickly and well integrated in any pygame game.

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