Seamless folder encryption update 2

After a great GUADEC, we are moving forward. Though, there has been a problem with getting auto-mount working. The best solution we found was a patch available for encfs, this patch adds an option to delay the mount until something is accessed. This solution would work perfectly, because it would continue to work even when accessing from non-GNOME applications, even from the command line.

Unfortunately, as soon as this command is run and it creates a dummy mount, gvfs jumps in to do autorun stuff, setup trash and other stuff. This causes it to complete the full mount (asking for the password) straight away. This is going to take more time than I have to complete, so is going to be held back for a future iteration.

So, I am now going to focus on the Nautilus integration. First, I’m going to finish the creation of a new mount. Then, we’re going to have Nautilus display a mount button when accessing an encrypted folder. This means that you will only be able to trigger the mount from Nautilus, but eventually when we figure out the encfs auto-mount stuff, it will work everywhere.

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