Easily Encrypt Folders

Ecryptfs is a tool that can be used to encrypt folders, unlike other encryption methods this doesn’t require a file of a fixed size, so you can use the decrypted folder in the same way as a regular folder without worrying about space. This tutorial will explain how you can use a plugin as a […]

Seamless folder encryption update 4 (end of GSoC)

We have reached the end of GSoC, and while the project is not quite ready for merging, I am pleased with the progress made over the past few weeks. I will, of course, continue working on this project after GSoC. There are some small bits and pieces to complete in the short-term, before the first […]

Seamless folder encryption update 3

Just a short update on my progress as we come to the end of GSoC. I have implemented the ability to create new encrypted directories, and have detecting and mounting existing encryptions working. To be fully functioning, I just need to implement keyring integration now. Finally, a screenshot of what it looks like when you […]

Seamless folder encryption update 2

After a great GUADEC, we are moving forward. Though, there has been a problem with getting auto-mount working. The best solution we found was a patch available for encfs, this patch adds an option to delay the mount until something is accessed. This solution would work perfectly, because it would continue to work even when […]

Seamless folder encryption update 1

This is a rather late first update on my project, unfortunately it’s been a bit of a rough start. First, if you don’t know what it is, the project is to integrate folder encryption into GNOME in a seamless manner. The goal is to provide encryption without interfering with the user experience. This will be […]