Pygame GUI 0.2

Finally, the first stable release is available to download. This project provides a simple to use GUI toolkit that can be easily dropped into an existing game project. It will run with no code differences in either normal Pygame or Pygame+OpenGL. You can download the source code from, while documentation is available at […]

SGC 0.1.8 final beta release

Now at the end of GSoC, I am releasing the last beta leading up to the 0.2 stable release. This release primarily adds documentation for creating your own widgets. The documentation can be found at: You can download the source code from the usual location, while documentation is available at or a […]

SGC 0.1.7 beta release

This will be one of the last beta releases leading up to the 0.2 stable release. This release adds an EventSlot object in locals, which allows a more dynamic addition and removal of callback functions. We also have a new DialogSaveQuit widget, which is a convenience widget to ask the user if they want to […]

SGC 0.1.6 beta release

After two weeks of conferences, I have another beta release. This release adds working OpenGL support. At the moment this is very inefficient, but will be optimised in some future release. Also improved in this release is the Menu widget. The menu widget now supports importing a variety of different widgets. The menu format is […]

Starting OpenGL development

This week, I have started fixing the OpenGL support for the toolkit. Mike Fletcher gave me the brilliant idea of using Pygame’s surfaces as textures in OpenGL. This means there is a lot less work than I had anticipated, and I already have some code working. This also helps to guarantee that the OpenGL version […]

SGC 0.1.5 beta release

After another couple of weeks, I can now announce another beta release. This version improves support for custom themes. I had some difficulty getting the final parts of this to work properly. Some widgets use extra images for things like the handle in the Switch widget, and getting this to work correctly was fairly complex. […]

SGC 0.1.4 beta release

We’re at the end of the third week of GSoC, and I am releasing another beta to the community to test out. This version has the labels decoupled, meaning that the widgets no longer need to dynamically resize to accommodate the labels. This makes widget development easier and means the widgets are a more consistent […]

Beginning GSoC

After frantically fixing my server and sorting out several other things, I’m finally making my first GSoC post. We’re currently a week into the project and as per my schedule, I have been working on sorting out some issues with labels in my toolkit. I have nearly finished this, and it will be available in […]